Rain Calendar

An interactive calendar about the rainfall in Stuttgart.

"Rain Calender" is a dynamic and interactive calendar about the rainfall in Stuttgart. For this purpose, it was only allowed to use shapes and color – no text and no symbols or icons. The shapes and the colors shoud intuitively represent the theme.
My calendar represents a chronological data set of the rainfall from 2010 - 2014. As visualization, I chose circles because they are associated with waterdrops. The shade of blue and the size of the circles represent the depth of rainfall. The different kinds of fillings stand for past, present and weather forecast. If there is a mouseover across a day, it starts to rain in the background and shows the amount of the daily rain. Everything is supported by sound.


Representation of years

A review about five years. Three have passed, one is current and the last one lies in the future.

Representation of months

A review about one year – twelve months.

Representation of days

A reviev about one month. During a mousover over one day, it begins to rain. This represents the averange rainfall during the day.

Representation of days

An auditive rainfall sound accompanys the mouseover.

General informations

The project was created as part of the second semester assessment at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd, during the course of "Programmiertes Entwerfen", led by Prof. Jens Döring and Prof. Michael Götte.

  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Illustrator