Encrypting your data doesn't need to be hard.

SimpleCrypt is the place to go if you want to encrypt your data. Whether you want encrypted disc images or to manage your encrypted discs. If you want fast access to your encrypted data, you can save them as favorites. You can even use groups to easily switch between environments. You can also enable the option to access your recently used volumes.

App Screens

No Selection

The status of the application, if nothing is selected.

A file is selected

You can see a detail view about your file.

Extendible Submenu

Some settings you don't need often.

Create a new Volume

Choose between an encrypted disc image and an encrypted disc.

Specify your options about the volume

Choose the name, size, type of encryption, password and more.

Add your disc image to your Favorites

Do you often work with a specific disc image? Add it to your favorite list and mount it with one klick.

General informations

The project was created as part of the third semester assessment at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd during the course of Application Design, led by Jürgen Graef.

  • Sketch
  • xCode
  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript
The team also included: